Lady Deirdre Skye
Deirdre Skye (SMAC)
Lady Deirdre Skye
Gaia's Stepdaughters (SMAC)
Name Deirdre Skye
Rank Lt. Commander
Position Chief Botanist/Xenobiologist
Country of Origin Scotland
DOB 05-28-2025
Height 170.1 cm
Weight 52.2 kg
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Led by Lady Deirdre Skye, they seek harmony with planet.

Faction CharacteristicsEdit

  • +1 Planet (environmental safeguards; can capture mind worms)
  • +2 Efficiency (experience with life systems such as recycling)
  • -1 Morale (pacifist tendencies)
  • -1 Police (freedom-loving)
  • +1 Nutrients in fungus squares
  • Can use mind worms as police unit (reverence for native life).
  • May not use Free Market economics

  • Aggression Pacifist
  • Priorities Explore
  • Starting Tech Centauri Ecology
  • Agenda Green (Economics)
  • Aversion Free Market (Economics)

Leader's quoteEdit

In the great commons at Gaia's Landing we have a tall and particularly beautiful stand of white pine, planted at the time of the first colonies. It represents our promise to the people, and to Planet itself, never to repeat the tragedy of Earth.

-- Lady Deirdre Skye, "Planet Dreams"


  • Conversations With Planet
  • The Collected Poems
  • Planet Dreams
  • Our Secret War

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