The Galleon is replaced by the following unique units:

The following units can be upgraded to Galleons:


The Galleon is the best transport of the age of sail, other than the Dutch East Indiaman. It can carry 3 units, and it can safely enter ocean spaces and send units to other lands like Continents.

Civilopedia EntryEdit

By the late 15th century, oar-powered vessels had all but disappeared from the world's oceans, to be replaced by sailing vessels of various types. The galleon was one such vessel. Galleons were three- or four-masted ships, built high in both the forecastle and the stern. Developed in the 15th and 16th century, these versatile ships were mainly used as cargo vessels, although they were sometimes outfitted as light warships as well. Ships of this type served European nations well into the 1700s.