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Game InfoEdit

The Barbarian unique naval unit. Precursor to the Trireme.

  • Common abilities:
    • Cannot Enter Deep Ocean


The Galley is a Barbarian unit which remains in coastal hexes, looking for embarked units to destroy. It is far weaker than any other naval units, but can be dangerous in packs. It is a melee attack unit, engaging units at sea or coastal cities (but it has no ranged attack).

If you play as the Ottomans, you can convert Galleys to your side by destroying Barbarian naval units early on in the game.

Historical InfoEdit

The Galley is a Barbarian vessel. It is a ship propelled by human oarsmen, in every way inferior to the trireme, the first vessel accessible to civilizations. Generally, Galleys can be expected to haunt the coasts of civilizations, harassing shipping and capturing embarked units. They should be destroyed upon sight.


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