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Genghis Khan is the leader of the Mongol civilization in Civilization I.

Total Threat Level: 6

Musical Theme Inspiration: unnamed original composition

The historic Genghis Khan united the Mongol tribes in the 12th century, then swiftly overran much of Asia. His actual base of operations was in what is now Mongolia. Samarkand was the capital of the 14th-century conqueror Timur ("Tamberlane").

Although Gandhi becomes the most aggressive AI in the game after India becomes a republic or democracy, Genghis is much more dangerous early on. Genghis focuses upon military science, giving him early chariots and an ability to expand his nation at a faster rate than any other NPC.

While other leaders may become technically more advanced towards the end game, if the Mongols have land to expand into, they will conquer it from the beginning, and annihilate any unprepared opponent.

Genghis Khan (Civ1)

Genghis Khan in the SNES game.