Introduced in Warlords
Unique building of the Mongolian civilization (replaces Stable)
Hammer 60
Requirements Horseback Riding

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The Ger is the unique building of the Mongolian civilization.


Compared to the Stable it replaces, the Ger gives an additional +2 experience to Mounted Units constructed in its city.

Civilopedia EntryEdit

As nomadic tribesmen (and later as cavalry-based conquerors), the Mongolians' survival was dependent upon the quality of their horses and the skill of their riders.

A warhorse must be extensively trained if it is to be successfully used in battle. In their natural state, most horses quite sensibly seek to run away from dangerous situations - say, when surrounded by screaming men armed with sharp objects. A cavalryman's horse, on the other hand, needs to be able to suppress this instinct and instead instantly carry out any order given it by its rider - no matter how suicidal. Such training takes time and skill - for both mount and rider. Mongolian stables provide such training.