Ghent is a City located in the Belgian Civilization.


it is near the coast on the north West of the Capital city of Brussels. Due to the Fact that it is very Remote from Germany and out of the way for the German player to get to . That makes this city a Unimportant Target that rarely Gets Attacked in the Campagne. The Game player will choose to only attack this city if they have a Meglo-maniac personality and wish to Kill off the Belgian Civilization just for the sake of Gaining the "eliminating a civilization bonus" once this Bonus is had by a player thse Victory Points Never Get Revoked. however some players when they are Nazi-Germany are more Goal Orriented so they will decide to kill off only the French Player in order to Win the game and not worry about Scoring. the reality is the Scoring does not trully mater in the Campagne that features Ghent ,Belgium because if your the German you are on a time limit and the game ends after the first 90 turns no mater what. if your the French you can Win but only if you Kill off the German player which will give you the Diplomatic Victory. which is a nearly impossible Victory to reach in the standard game.  Also only The Allied Nations do not have Time Limits. in fact if you play as Belgium , Netherlands ,or British you cant win the Scenario because they don't have the Same Diplomatic ties with the other Allies as French Civilization has. after the player has Won the game as Germany and got the Un-happy ending its best to play it again as France and get the Happy ending.

Princess Juliana (CTP2)

In this Picture you can See Ghent And the Capital city , Brussels.