Giant death robot (Civ5)

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Giant death robot
Giant death robot (Civ5)
Armored unit
Game speed
Quick - Regular - Epic - Marathon
20xProduction5 425
20xStrength5 150
20xMovement5 5
20xRangedStrength5 None
Technology Nuclear fusion (Civ5) Nuclear fusion
Resource Uranium (Civ5) Uranium
Upgrades to Nothing
  • No defensive bonuses
  • Can move after attacking

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Game Info

Ultimate military unit of the Future Era. Replaces Modern Armor. Requires Uranium.

  • Common traits:
    • Can move after attacking 
    • No defensive terrain bonuses


The Giant Death Robot is the battle machine of the future and the toughest unit in the game - a towering mass of guns, rockets and futuristic death-rays. It is one and a half times as strong as the third strongest land unit (Modern Armor). It can attack anything, including cities, without fear of being outmatched. In addition, the Giant Death Robot can move after attacking, making it strategically flexible. Although it doesn't benefit from defensive terrain, its simple brute strength is compensation enough.

However, the Giant Death Robot is not invincible! First, it's a melee unit, and thus susceptible to focused ranged attack (especially aerial bombardment); next, even the mighty robot may fall when attacked by sufficient foes! So, don't rely on a single Robot as if it were a whole army!

Finally, keep in mind that you need Uranium to build the Giant Death Robot. If you intend on having it in your army, don't build too many Nuclear Plants and nukes!

Historical InfoEdit

The "mech" is a giant bipedal mechanical robot armed with a variety of missiles, gatling gun arms, laser-beam eyes, and a deadly kung-fu punch. Although not currently found on the modern battlefield, no doubt across the world governments and evil corporations are secretly developing these metal behemoths even as we speak. When these mechs come into service, all of the world's other weaponry will become obsolete, and humanity's fate will be decided by a climactic battle between armies of good and evil mechs in the streets of downtown Tokyo. (Assuming that the giant radioactive monsters don't get us first.)


The idea for the Giant Death Robot came from the following thread:

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