Gods of Old is a mod that came with the Beyond the Sword expansion pack.

Seems the Sumerians were right all along. The Gods of Ancient Sumeria have made their presence known and are ready to grant their gifts to those that will serve them. Rain down plagues, meteors and tsunamis upon those who would oppose you, all while trying to wipe the faiths of enemy Gods from the planet. Ah, give me that old time religion...
Divine Gameplay
The Gods provide for their followers. Extra food, great wealth, unbelievable power, they're all yours. Use Great Prophets to rain massive natural disasters down upon your enemies. The Gods ask only one thing in return - that they be the last God standing. Use the all new Inquisitor Unit to obliterate heathen religions from cities and ensure that yours is the one true god.


In this scenario it is all about religion. The religions have been replaced in this scenario. There is no set map; there is a new prophet which is called the "The Great Prophet." He can cause disasters to occur in other cities. Some of the disasters are falling meteors and plague.

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