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In Colonization, goods are commodities that can be produced, bought and sold. Some goods are raw materials produced by working on terrain. Others are manufactured goods, produced in buildings inside colonies.

Raw materials
Good Produced by Can be made into
Cotton Plains, Prairie, Desert, Mixed forest, Broadleaf forest, or Scrub forest Cloth
Food Farming (Grain) or Fishing (Fish) Horses or population (Free Colonists)
Furs Any forest terrain Coats
Lumber Any forest terrain Hammers (to make buildings)
Ore Hills, Mountains, Plains, Marsh, Swamp, Desert, Tundra, Wetland forest, Rain forest, Scrub forest or Boreal forest Tools
Silver Mountains N/A
Sugar Savannah, Swamp, Tropical forest or Rain forest Rum
Tobacco Grassland, Marsh, Conifer forest or Wetland forest Cigars
Manufactured goods
Good Produced by Can be made into
Cigars Tobacco N/A
Cloth Cotton N/A
Coats Furs N/A
Horses Breeding Horses with Grain Scouts
Muskets Tools Soldiers or Dragoons (with Horses)
Rum Sugar N/A
Tools Ore Muskets, Pioneers or many Buildings
Trade goods N/A N/A

All goods may be bought and sold in Europe. Cotton, Furs, Sugar, and Tobacco can also be purchased from Indians. All manufactured goods, plus Trade Goods, may be sold to Indians (subject to demand at individual sites). Trade Goods may only be purchased in Europe; you cannot make them yourself.

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FreeCol differencesEdit

Grain and Fish are considered goods in FreeCol. They are automatically converted into Food when they are collected from their respective terrain tiles. Grain will feed Horses; Fish will not. Liberty bells, hammers and crosses are also classified as goods in FreeCol, but they may not be bought or sold -- they can only be produced.

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