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BackArrowGreen Civilization IV: Colonization

Good Made from Made into
Cigars (Civ4Col) Cigars Tobacco None
Cloth (Civ4Col) Cloth Cotton None
Coats (Civ4Col) Coats Furs None
Cotton (Civ4Col) Cotton None Cloth
Crosses (Civ4Col) Crosses None None
Education (Civ4Col) Education None None
Food (Civ4Col) Food None None
Furs (Civ4Col) Furs None Coats
Guns (Civ4Col) Guns Tools None
Horses (Civ4Col) Horses None None
Liberty Bell (Civ4Col) Liberty Bell None None
Lumber (Civ4Col) Lumber None Production
Ore (Civ4Col) Ore None Tools
Production (Civ4Col) Production Lumber None
Rum (Civ4Col) Rum Sugar None
Silver (Civ4Col) Silver None None
Sugar (Civ4Col) Sugar None Rum
Tobacco (Civ4Col) Tobacco None Cigars
Tools (Civ4Col) Tools Ore Guns
Trade Goods (Civ4Col) Trade Goods None None
Colonization games [edit]
Original version Sid Meier's Colonization (1994)

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Remake Civilization IV: Colonization (2008)

BuildingsCivilizationsFounding FathersGoodsPointsProfessionsPromotionsTerrainTraitsUnitsVictory

Fan created version FreeCol (2003-Present)

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