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In Civilization: Call to Power, government is used to describe how a civilization is run. There are twelve different forms of government; Anarchy is the default, and the others can be adopted at any time after the appropriate advancement has been discovered. Each form of government has different effects on a civilization's growth, production, science, gold, and military, as seen in the table below.

Government Growth Production Science Gold Military
Anarchy Awful Awful Awful Awful Awful
Communism Average Excellent Awful Bad Good
Corporate Republic Average Good Good Excellent Average
Democracy Average Average Good Average Bad
Ecotopia Good Bad Good Good Good
Fascism Average Good Average Bad Excellent
Monarchy Bad Average Bad Bad Good
Republic Bad Good Average Average Bad
Technocracy Good Excellent Good Average Average
Theocracy Bad Good Bad Good Average
Tyranny Awful Average Awful Bad Average
Virtual Democracy Excellent Bad Excellent Good Bad

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