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Government panel Civ6

The concept of forms of government makes a grand re-entry in Civilization VI. The government represents the current command structure of your civilization - how exactly its governing bodies are organized, and what real effects this has on its development and abilities. You start with Chiefdom, the most basic and ancient form of government, but will unlock other forms of government as you progress through the Civics tree.

Each form of government confers a particular gameplay bonus, and has a certain number of slots for the four types of Policy Cards - Civ6Icon Military Policy Military, Civ6Icon Economic Policy Economic, Civ6Icon Diplomatic Policy Diplomatic, and Civ6Icon Wildcard Policy Wildcard - to customize the government. The specific Cards you put in your slots represent the Policies your nation will follow for the foreseeable future.

Changing Government Configuration Edit

The cards that occupy your government slots, and the form of government itself, cannot be changed whenever you please. There are two ways to do that:

  1. Whenever you finish researching a Civic. Your citizens get excited about the new possibilities the civic principles give them, and you may freely alter your government configuration.
  2. After you pay a tax in Civ6 30x gold Gold.

Every time you change government configuration, you are able to change both the form of government (Chiefdom, Classical Republic, Autocracy, etc.), and the Civics Cards in your government slots. Normally, each slot must be filled by a card of the corresponding type (Military Card in a Military slot, Economic Card in an Economic slot, etc.), but Wildcard slots are exceptions: they can be filled with either a Wildcard or any of the other card types, thus allowing you to enjoy the benefits of cards for which your government does not otherwise have slots available. Of course, you are only able to choose Policy Cards which you have unlocked via Civic research.

Legacy Bonuses Edit

Legacy bonuses are the learned benefits that stay with us as we progress through different systems of government. The learned policy symbol indicates a government bonus that will accumulate over time.

  • The Legacy bonus is equal to +1% for every set number turns that you keep that government.

Forms of government Edit

Here are the known forms of government and their specifics:

Government Required Civic Military Economic Diplomatic Wildcard Effects Legacy Bonus
Ancient (2 slots)
Chiefdom Code of Laws 1 1 0 0 No bonus. No bonus.
Classical (4 slots)
Autocracy Political Philosophy 2 1 0 1 Capital receives +1 boost to all yields. 10% Bonus to wonder production. Additional +1% Bonus to wonder production every ? turns.
Classical Republic Political Philosophy 0 2 1 1 All cities with a district receive +1 amenity. 15% Bonus to Great People point generation. Additional +1% Bonus to Great People point generation every 15 turns.
Oligarchy Political Philosophy 1 1 1 1 All combat units gain +4 strength. 20% Bonus experience for units. Additional +1% Bonus experience for units every 5 turns.
Medieval / Renaissance (6 slots)
Merchant Republic Exploration 1 2 1 2 +2 trade routes. 15% Discount on gold purchases. Additional +1% Discount on gold purchases every ? turns.
Monarchy Divine Right 3 1 1 1 +2 housing in any city with medieval walls. 20% Bonus influence points. Additional +1% Bonus influence points every 10 turns.
Theocracy Reformed Church 2 2 1 1 Can buy land combat units with faith. All units gain +5 strength in theological combat. 15% Discount on faith purchases. Additional +1% Discount on faith purchases every 15 turns.
Modern (8 slots)
Communism Class Struggle 3 3 1 1 Land units gain +4 defense strength. Industrial Zone districts can defend. 10% bonus on all production. Additional +1% bonus on all production every ? turns.
Democracy Suffrage 1 3 2 2 Patronage of Great People costs 50% less gold. 30% bonus yields from district projects. Additional +1% bonus yields from district projects every ? turns.
Fascism Totalitarianism 4 1 1 2 All combat units gain +4 combat strength. 20% bonus on unit production. Additional +1% bonus on unit production every ? turns.
Civ6 Government1

The government screen and some policy cards

Civ6Screenshot Civics tree

The civics tree

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