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Game InfoEdit

A GreatPerson6 Great Person specialized in naval warfare. Appears once enough Admiral6 Great Admiral points are earned (can be rushed with Gold or Faith through Patronage)

All Great Admirals provide +5 Combat Strength and +1 Movement for all naval units within 2 tiles for their respective era and the following era, but no further. Great Admirals can be expended at any point to activate their Bonus Ability, which varies depending on the admiral.

Great AdmiralsEdit

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Name Era Bonus Ability
Artemisia Classical Grants 1 promotion level to a military naval unit.
Gaius Duilius Classical Forms a Fleet (Corps) out of a military naval unit.
Themistocles Classical Instantly creates a Quadrireme unit.
Leif Erikson Medieval Allows all naval units to move over ocean tiles without the required technology.
Rajendra Chola Medieval Gain 50 Gold. Military units get +40% rewards to looting.
Zheng He Medieval Get an Envoy.
Francis Drake Renaissance Gain 75 Gold (on Standard speed).
Santa Cruz Renaissance Forms an Armada out of a military naval unit.
Yi Sun-Sin Renaissance Instantly creates an Ironclad unit with 1 promotion level.
Ching Shih Industrial Gain 100 Gold. Military units get +60% rewards for plundering sea Trade Routes.
Horatio Nelson Industrial +50% flanking bonus for all naval units.
Laskarina Bouboulina Industrial Grants 1 promotion level and +50% combat experience to a military.
Franz von Hipper Modern Instantly creates a battleship with 1 promotion level.
Joaquim Marques Lisboa Modern Accumulate 25% less war weariness than usual.
Togo Heihachiro Modern Grants 1 promotion level and +75% combat experience to a military naval unit.
Chester Nimitz Atomic +20% Production towards units of the Naval Raider promotion class.
Grace Hopper Atomic Unlocks a random technology of the information era.
Sergey Gorshkov Atomic Gives 1 free promotion to naval units and 100% combat experience.
Clancy Fernando Information Gives 1 free promotion to naval units and 200% combat experience.


Historical ContextEdit

Some are born with salt water in their veins, and so take to a life at sea. In the past, these were the “great” admirals, leading voyages of exploration, trading shots across the bow with other warships, and terrorizing innocent merchant vessels. Once men found that they could sail across open water and not (usually) drown, ships of all sorts took to the shallow and deep seas. Yi Sun Shin, Cristoforo Colombo, Horatio Nelson, Isoroku Yamamoto, David Farragut, and the list goes on of those who made a name for themselves at sea. Thanks in large part to their efforts, the world shrank and civilization expanded. But, maybe they had no choice. As Jacques Yves Cousteau (who would have been a heck of an admiral if he were so inclined) wrote: “The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.”

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