Great Artist
Great Artist (Civ4)

Great Person

Strength 0
Moves 2
Free for the first one to discover Music
Special building N/A
Super Specialist +3 Coins, +12 Culture
Corporations Civilized Jewelers
Other attributes

The Great Artist is a Great Person unit in Civilization IV.

Strategy Edit

The following Great Wonders increase the likelihood of generating a Great Artist:

The following National Wonders increase the likelihood of generating a Great Artist:


  • One great artist is themed as a Shakespearean performer. When joining a city or creating a great work, he makes an unintelligible quote that sounds like a dramaticized version of the famous quote "To be or not to be" from Hamlet. In reality, this line is done by Hamlet while partially insane. He also holds up the skull of Yoric, which is also from a famous scene. In reality, the skull is discovered in a graveyard, and Hamlet comments more solemnly about it.
  • One great artist is depicted as rock 'n' roll legend Elvis Presley, particularly his rhinestone days.
  • The button for "create great work" depicts Leonardo da Vinci's famous painting The Mona Lisa.

List of Great ArtistsEdit

The following characters can appear as Great Artists: