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Great engineer
Great engineer (Civ5)

Civilization V - Gods & Kings
Quick - Regular - Epic - Marathon
  • 1000 + 500 * n(n + 1)/2
  • n = Times purchased with faith before.
20xMovement5 2
Improvement Manufactory (Civ5) Manufactory
How to obtain

Game InfoEdit

A Great Person, specialized in Production.

  • Abilities:
    • Can build the Manufactory Great Tile improvement
    • Can Hurry production in a city


This great person's ability to Hurry production adds instantly a vast amount of 20xProduction5 Production points to the current construction project in the city where he currently is. This is usually enough to finish all but the most massive wonders in just one turn. Note, however, that projects, such as the Manhattan Project or the Apollo Program, cannot be hurried with a Great Engineer.

The Manufactory tile improvement is also a long-term benefit for a specific city's production capabilities.

Historical InfoEdit

"Great Engineers" are the men and women who get things done. They construct the monuments, the roads, the information networks that improve the lives of those around them. They invent new processes for building high-rises or rolling steel; they dig canals; they irrigate deserts. They keep a civilization moving forward.


The amount of production of a Great Engineer on normal speed is calculated using the formula[1]

300 + (30 * city population)

So in a city with a population of 1 the engineer only generate 330 production, while in a size 15 city it generates 750 production.

For epic speed it is

450 + (45 * city population)

and for marathon it is

900 + (90 * city population)

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