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The Great Engineer is a civilian unit in Civilization VI, a GreatPerson6 Great Person specialized in production and industry. It appears once enough Engineer6 Great Engineer points are earned (and can be rushed with Civ6Gold Gold or Civ6Faith Faith through Patronage).

Great EngineersEdit

Name Era Bonus 1
Bi Sheng Medieval Lets this city build one more district than the population limit allows. Triggers the Eureka moment for Printing technology.
Isidore of Miletus Medieval Grants 215 Civ6Production Production towards wonder construction. (2 uses)
James of St. George Medieval Instantly builds Ancient and Medieval Walls in the city, and provides enough Civ6Gold Gold per turn to pay maintenance.
Filippo Brunelleschi Renaissance Grants Production towards wonder construction.
Leonardo da Vinci Renaissance Triggers the Eureka for one random technology of the Modern era. Workshops provide +1 culture
Mimar Sinan Renaissance +1 Housing for this city, +1 Amenity for this city. (2 charges. Can use both charges on the same city.)
Ada Lovelace Industrial Lets this city build one more district than the population limit allows. Triggers the Eureka moment for Computers technology.
Gustave Eiffel Industrial Grants 322 Production towards wonder construction.
James Watt Industrial Instantly builds a workshop and a factory in this district. Factories provide +2 production to their city.
Joseph Paxton Industrial This entertainment district's regional buildings provide +1 Amenity. This district's regional buildings reach 3 tiles farther.
Alvar Aalto Modern This city provides +1 Appeal to any tile it owns.
Nikola Tesla Modern This district's regional buildings provide +2 production and reach 3 tiles farther.
Robert Goddard Modern Triggers the Eureka moment for Rocketry. +20% Production towards Space Race projects.
Jane Drew Atomic Gain +3 Housing and +4 Amenities in this city.
John Roebling Atomic Gain +1 housing and +2 amenities in a city. (2 Charges)
Sergei Korolev Atomic Gain 1500 Production towards Space Race projects.
Charles Correa Information This city provides +2 Appeal to any tile it owns.
Wernher von Braun Information Space Race Production +100%


As (almost) all Great People in Civilization VI, the Great Engineer's special abilities differ wildly between different personae. However, we can say that they are almost always Civ6Production Production-oriented, or enhance the performance of a specific district in some other way. There are some Engineers who instantly build buildings in a district, and others who speed up the construction of Wonders. End-game Engineers help finish Space Race Projects much quicker, which may greatly help a player to achieve a Science Victory!

Historical ContextEdit

Engineers design and build workshops, schools, and homes; “great” engineers design and build wonders. Before the day of pre-fab buildings, uniform ticky-tack housing “estates,” stressed concrete and I-beam girders, these were the men (and women) who celebrated civilization in towering monuments, grand palaces, massive temples, vital dams and bridges, and structures of every kind. It’s their work that archaeologists dig up, tourists gawk at, and children learn about in school. Give thanks too for the indoor plumbing, electrical lights, and autobahns (along with everything else that makes life comfortable) that they designed and built. Without the great engineers dreaming in stone and steel, constructing skyscrapers, giving the world sports stadiums and shopping malls, how else would anyone even know civilization when they stumbled out of the wilderness?

GreatPerson6 Great People of Civilization VI
Great Works

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