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The Great General is one of the Great People in Civilization VI.

Game InfoEdit

A GreatPerson6 Great Person specialized in land warfare. Appears once enough General6 Great General points are earned (can be rushed with Gold or Faith through Patronage).

Every Great General grants +5 Combat Strength and +1 Movement to all land units within 2 tiles in their respective era and the following era, but no further. Great Generals can be expended at any point to activate their Ability Bonus, which varies based on the general.

Great GeneralsEdit

Name Era Ability Bonus
Boudicca Classical Convert adjacent barbarian units
Hannibal Barca Classical Grants one promotion level to a military unit
Sun Tzu Classical Creates the Art of War great work of writing
Æthelfæld Medieval Instantly creates Knight unit
El Cid Medieval Forms a corps out of a military land unit
Genghis Khan Medieval Grants a free promotion level, +25% combat bonus for mounted units
Ana Nzinga Renaissance Gain a free envoy
Gustavus Adolphus Renaissance Instantly creates a Bombard unit
Jeanne d'Arc Renaissance Creates a Relic6 Relic
Napoleon Bonaparte Industrial Creates an army out of a land unit
Rani Lakshmibai Industrial Instantly creates a Cavalry unit with one promotion
Simon Bolivar Industrial Gain a free envoy
Douglas MacArthur Atomic Turns a Heavy Cavalry unit into a Tank and provides 1 free promotion.
Dwight Eisenhower Atomic +5% Production towards military units.
Georgy Zhukov Atomic +50% Flanking bonus for all land military units.
Sudirman Atomic Grants 1 promotion level and +100% combat experience to a military unit.
John Monash Modern Grant 1 promotion level and +75% combat experience to a military unit.
Marina Raskova Modern Gain +1 Air unit slot in this district.
Samori Toure Modern Instantly creates an Infantry unit with one promotion level.
Ahmad shah masoud Information Turns itself into Modern AT units with 1 free promotion.
Vijaya Wimalaratne Information Grants 1 promotion level and +100% combat experience to a military land unit


Historical ContextEdit

Every age of civilization has had its “great” generals, those who change the course of history by being cleverer, braver, or simply luckier than their peers across the battlefield. These are the men who can convince other men to follow them into hell … and perhaps out the other side. They are innovators in the ways of death, inventing new weapons, formations, tactics and strategies to win wars. Or finding new benefits in the old ways of killing. Every person reading this can name dozens of great generals, for their names echo down to us in legends, histories and monuments. Some are leaders of their people, warrior-kings and president-generals; if not already the head of the government while becoming “great,” they are often awarded (or cursed with) that mantle afterward. And then they write their memoirs, provided they survive their wars.

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