Great Library of Alexandria (CivRev)

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Great Library of Alexandria

Great Library of Alexandria (CivRev)

Era Ancient Era
Type Scientific
Cost 150 resources
Tech Required


Effect Receive any technologies that at least two other civilizations discovered
Other attributes

Obsolete with University

The Great Library of Alexandria is a wonder in Civilization Revolution.

The Great Library of Alexandria can be built when the player discovers the Writing technology. Its benefit is that it gives the player any technologies that at least two other civilizations know. This wonder's benefit is cancelled when any civilization discovers the University technology. For example, if the English and the Zulus have both discovered the Navigation technology, the player will then be given it without having to research it.

Note that the rate at which the wonder grants technologies is limited to 1 per turn. Also please note that the wonder can potentially give you multiple technologies and is not limited to just one.

Other Science Related Buildings or WondersEdit

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