Great Mosque of Djenne (Civ5)

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Great Mosque of Djenne
Great Mosque of Djenne (Civ5)

World wonder in Civilization V
Introduced in Gods & Kings
20xProduction5 300


Technology Theology (Civ5) Theology
GreatPeople5 1 Great Engineer points

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"With the magnificence of eternity before us, let time, with all its fluctuations, dwindle into its own littleness."
–Thomas Chalmers

Game InfoEdit

Requires Piety.

  • + 3 20xfaith5 Faith
  • All Missionaries born in this city can spread religion three times. Prophets also gain an additional use of Spread Religion, to a total of 5 uses.
  • Free Mosque in the city.


The Great Mosque of Djenne is a great Wonder whose main bonus will make spreading your religion easier for the rest of the game. You will need to adopt Piety, however, and rush Theology to build it. Remember to always produce your Missionaries and Great Prophets in this city from there on!

Also, if you plan on building it, try not to adopt the Mosques belief - this way the bonus Mosque from the Wonder will be an added benefit to all other effects of your religion.

Historical InfoEdit

The largest mud-brick structure in the world, the Great Mosque of Djenne is found in the African Republic of Mali. Thought to have first been constructed sometime in the 13th Century by the sultan Koi Kunboro, the mosque has since been destroyed and rebuilt several times. The incarnation that stands today, assembled from mud bricks and mortar, was built in 1906 through the combined efforts of the surrounding community. Today, the mosque is maintained by the people of Djenne during an annual festival created specifically to ensure its longevity.

Wonder djenne

Concept art of the Great Mosque of Djenne.

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