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The Great Musician is a civilian unit in Civilization VI, a GreatPerson6 Great Person who creates GreatWorkMusic6 Great Works of Music. It appears once enough Musician6 Great Musician points are earned (and can be rushed with Civ6Gold Gold or Civ6Faith Faith through Patronage).

Each Great Musician can create two Great Works of Music.

Great MusiciansEdit

Name Era Great Works of Music
Ludwig van Beethoven Industrial Ode to Joy (Symphony #9), Symphony #3 (Eroica Symphony) Mvt. 1
Johann Sebastian Bach Industrial "Little" Fugue in G minor, Cello Suite No. 1
Yatsuhashi Kengyo Industrial Rokudan no Shirabe, Hachidan no Shirabe
Antonio Vivaldi Industrial Four Seasons: Winter, La Notte Concerto
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Industrial Eine kleine Nachtmusik, Symphony 40 Mvt. 1
Franz Liszt Modern Hungarian Rhapsody No. 1, The Dance in the Village Inn
Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky Modern "1812 Overture" (Music), "Romeo and Juliet Fantasy Overture" (Music)
Antônio Carlos Gomes Modern Fosca - Mvt. 1 (Abertura), Antônio Carlos Gome
Liu Tianhua Modern Liang Xiao, Kong Shan Niao Yu
Frédéric Chopin Modern Nocturne in E Flat Major, Grande Valse Brillante, Op. 18
Juventino Rosas Atomic Sobre las Olas, Vals Carmen
Antonín Dvořák Atomic New World Symphony, Serenade No. 22
Lili'uokalani Atomic Lili'uokalani's Prayer, Sanoe
Clara Schumann Atomic Prelude and Fugue Op 16 No. 3, Toccatina in A minor
Mykola Leontovych Information Carol of the Bells, Prelude for Choir
Gauhar Jaan Information Raga Kharnaj Jogiya, Raga Bhairavi


Great Musicians are very valuable to players pursuing a Cultural Victory, though this value becomes apparent later than the other Civ6Culture Culture-oriented Great People. Wonders with slots for GreatWorkMusic6 Great Works of Music do not become available until the Industrial Era (with the exceptions of the Palace and the Apadana, which can hold Great Works of any kind), and there are only three of them: the Bolshoi Theatre, Broadway, and the Sydney Opera House. Apart from these, the Broadcast Center is the only regular building that can hold GreatWorkMusic6 Great Works of Music. However, if you can attract enough Great Musicians to fill these three wonders and all of your Broadcast Centers with GreatWorkMusic6 Great Works of Music, the Satellite Broadcasts Policy Card will reward you with a huge output of Tourism6 Tourism.

Civilopedia entryEdit

It has been said that “music is the soul of a people.” If that is indeed the case, then “great musicians” are the guardians of that soul. Whatever the form, whatever the beat, whatever the instruments, no other art speaks to our emotions like music. Since it does, it is also the most subjective of the arts; what is heavenly harmony to one is just a cacophony of noise to another. That rather broadens the definition of what is “great” music; perhaps the best way to judge this “greatness” is how long a piece has continued to be played and appreciated by others. But from the time that men first beat out a rhythm on logs to the modern electronic orchestra, great composers and performers have expressed the collective sorrows and joys of each civilization.

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