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Great People (GPs) return in Civilization VI. They are exceptional historical figures with special abilities, which appear in your civilization when you develop a particular aspect of the gameplay sufficiently. Unlike in prior games, individual Great People now have distinct bonuses similar to Founding Fathers in Civilization IV: Colonization. What's more, each individual Great Person can only be earned once.

How to Earn Great PeopleEdit

Great People are normally earned (or "attracted") through accumulating a special resource, the Great Person Point (GPP). Unlike in Civilization V, Great Person Points are now earned nationally rather than per-city, and Great Prophets now are earned with Great Prophet points rather than Faith. GPP are earned in a variety of ways , but the most common ones are through appropriate districts (e.g. Great Scientist points from Campuses, Great General points from Encampments), through Civic Policy Cards and World Wonders.

Some wonders make Great People appear when they are completed; for example, Stonehenge provides a free Great Prophet.

Finally you may choose to pass the opportunity to earn a particular Great Person. In this case you preserve most of the GPPs collected which will continue piling up for the next Great Person of the same type. A small portion of these points are however granted to your competitors, thus helping them to attract this particular Great Person. Use this option when the specific abilities of a Great Person don't suit your current needs and goals.

Great People AbilitiesEdit

As mentioned before, Great People abilities aren't streamlined anymore - each Great Person of a particular type has different abilities. Most of the time they are associated with the Era that Person usually appears into: for example, the Great Admiral Temistocles has an aura increasing CS for Ancient and Classical Era naval units, but not for later Era units. However, all Great Persons of particular type share a general direction for their abilities, i.e. all Great Admirals will have abilities improving sea combat, or other aspects of seafaring.


Types of Great PeopleEdit

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