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Game InfoEdit

A GreatPerson6 Great Person specialized in Religion. Appears once enough Prophet6 Great Prophet points are earned (can be rushed with Gold or Faith through Patronage).

All Great Prophets can be used to found a religion in a HolySite6 Holy Site district or in Stonehenge. Only one Great Prophet is allowed per Civilization.

Great ProphetsEdit

Name Era
Confucius Classical
John the Baptist Classical
Laozi Classical
Siddhartha Gautama Classical
Simon Peter Classical
Zoroaster Classical
Adi Shankara Medieval
Bodhidharma Medieval
Irenaeus Medieval
O no Yasumaro Medieval
Songtsen Gampo Medieval
Haji Huud Renaissance
Madhavacharya Renaissance
Martin Luther Renaissance
Thomas Aquinas Renaissance
Francis of Assisi Renaissance


Historical ContextEdit

Holy men are common; “great” prophets somewhat less so. Some prophets have “visions”; others just have insights into life, the way it should be lived and how we might be better. Some wander and teach, while others build temples and churches. And some just have good public relations. Whatever the foundation, these are the ones who create religions, spread the faith, or challenge the beliefs of others … sometimes all three. They warn mankind about his hubris in thinking he can know everything or control anything. Every great religion has its great prophets, no matter how or what they worship, those who have been touched by the divine … and each one has altered the course of civilization as profoundly as any general, scientist, artist, or leader.

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