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Game InfoEdit

First bomber unit of the Modern Era. Requires 20xOil Oil.

  • Actions:
    • Rebase Mode: Order the air unit to rebase to another city or a Carrier.


The Great War Bomber is the first aerial attack unit in the game. Large and slow, carrying a heavy load of bombs, it is used solely to rain death on ground or naval units, or on enemy cities, and it is significantly better at it than fighter airplanes. You can specialize it in one of these tasks via promotions.

The Great War Bomber and its later versions are quite vulnerable to enemy interceptors, so always use it in conjunction with other units capable of eliminating those. When possible, send in Triplanes or Fighters on Air Sweep missions in the vicinity of the Bomber's target to "use up" the enemy's anti-aircraft defenses for that turn. Be advised that if this unit survives long enough to become a Stealth Bomber through upgrades, it will then receive the Air Recon and Evasion for free, so you may wish to choose other promotions when levelling. See the rules on Aircraft for more information.

Civilopedia entryEdit

By the outbreak of World War I, several nations, including Great Britain, France, and Germany, all had experimented with the concept of explosive bombardment via plane. In the earliest days of the war, bombs were dropped from all types of aircraft, including reconnaissance and fighter planes. One of the first genuine bombers introduced during the war, the Voisin III, was designed by the French aircraft manufacturer Gabriel Voisin. Featuring a standard biplane design reinforced with a steel frame, the Voisin III was capable of carrying payloads of over 300 lbs.


It is modeled after the German Gotha Bomber used during the First World War.