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Great merchant
Great merchant (Civ5)

Civilization V - Gods & Kings
Quick - Regular - Epic - Marathon
  • 1000 + 500 * n(n + 1)/2
  • n = Times purchased with faith before.
20xMovement5 2
Improvement Customs house (Civ5) Customs house
How to obtain
  • Perform a Trade mission
  • Game InfoEdit

    A Great person, specialized in trade.

    • Abilities:
      • May construct the Customs house Great Tile Improvement
      • May conduct a Trade mission in a City-State


    Besides constructing the special Customs House improvement which, when worked, produces loads of 20xGold5 Gold, the Great Merchant can also journey to a city-state and perform a "trade mission" which produces gobs of 20xGold5 Gold and gains many points of Influence (Civ5) Influence with the city-state. The Great Merchant is expended when used in either of these ways.

    Again, you have the choice to use it for a long-term boost of the 20xGold5 Gold production of one city (choose this city well), or use its unique ability to get a large one-time boost of 20xGold5 Gold and Influence with a City-state. Note that the Trade mission may sometimes prove dangerous, especially if the City-state is far away!


    The money gained from performing a Trade mission is 350 + (50 * <era number>), where era number is just a serial number starting with 0 for the ancient era. In addition, game pacing also affects this number: quick games modify this value by 0.67, epic by 1.5 and marathon by 3.

    Note that finishing the Commerce social branch will double the 20xGold5 Gold gained from Trade missions!

    Historical InfoEdit

    "Great Merchants" provide the goods and services civilizations need to survive. They import food, medicines, and luxuries, and they export a civilization's manufactured goods. They provide the financing needed for great works to be accomplished. They create a civilization's wealth.

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