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Alexander the Great, Greece's Representative

From Start Courthouse
Ancient Age Knowledge of Democracy
Medieval Age More Great People
Industrial Age 1/2 cost Library
Modern Age +1 food from sea regions
Unique Units Trireme & Hoplite

The Greek people represent a civilization in Civilization Revolution.


Era BonusesEdit

The Greek capital, when founded, contains a Courthouse.

Ancient: Democracy Technology (and associated government)

Medieval: More Great People

Industrial: 1/2 cost Library

Modern Age: +1 food from sea


The Greeks can be classified as a defensive, culture, and science focused civilization.

Defensive SideEdit

The Greeks can build Pikemen from the start, which can be a hindrance and a benefit. Pikemen are more powerful than Archers but cost 50% more. This may cause you to lose a city early, as it can take you an extra 1-5 turns to build a Pikeman instead of an Archer. However, at the beginning of the game almost nothing can defeat an army of Pikemen defending a city.

Because they start with a Courthouse, you can quickly adjust the production of your city to match your needs.

In addition, starting off with Democracy will not allow you to attack and will put you in defensive mode until you research Republic (unless you switch to Despotism, which has no bonuses). However, this can be a good thing as you do not need to waste resources on war, and spend them on building defences and using the bonus to get extra science and gold to out-tech or out-economy your enemies. If they attack they will find it quite an uphill battle.

Cultural SideEdit

More Great People may seem insignificant, but it is important for a cultural victory and in fact just victory in general. You can get more Great Scientists and more Great Builders, and it can be a benefit for any victory.

Scientific SideEdit

Democracy from the start will definitely cause you to research faster and much more efficiently.

1/2 cost Libraries and +1 food from sea regions encourages the Greeks to expand in the late-game, and will allow them to make scientific expansions on islands.

Civilopedia EntryEdit

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