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Greek World is a scenario for Civilization IV.


Greek World takes place in ancient Europe, the Middle East, and part of Africa. You can play as the Romans, the Macedonians, or the Persians. There are also numerous non-playable civilizations - including Egypt, Babylonia, Carthage, Gaul, Etruria, Greece, the Greek colonies, Scythia, the Celts, the Seleucids, India, and Parthia - all of whom you will be locked into war with throughout the scenario.

The scenario includes new Greek, Egyptian, Mesopotamian, and Carthaginian religions and new unique units for some of the non-playable civilizations. Some civilizations spawn at certain dates, such as the Seleucids, which spawn in the Middle East three turns into the scenario; and Parthia, which spawns a few turns after the Seleucids.


When time runs out, the civilization with the most victory points will win.

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