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Gunpowder (CivRev)
Gunpowder (CivRev)
Technologies required

Invention (CivRev) Invention
Feudalism (CivRev) Feudalism

Technologies enabled


First development benefit
Renders obsolete
Great people


Governments available


Units available
Buildings available


Resources available
Wonders available


Command lines of muskets and the power of brimstone by researching Gunpowder, which allows players to construct Riflemen units and to harvest the sulfur resource, which provides a bonus to production. If you are the first to research Gunpowder, you will receive a free Rifleman unit!


Gunpowder is a highly useful tech as it unlocks the Riflemen, a highly powerful unit that is great in defense and good in attack, able to destroy a Cannon or Knight. Sulfur also adds a production bonus.

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