Halis Planned State (Civ4)
Halis Planned State
Introduced in Final Frontier
Leaders Kanji Takeno
Starting techs Space Exploration

The Halis Planned State, or simply Halis as it's usually called, grew out of the first group of Colonists who landed on the planet of the same name. Founded in 2261 AD, The original group of settlers met with uncharacteristically severe environmental and economic hardships upon arrival. Many Colonists died as the result of natural disasters, famine, and disease, and extreme measures were undertaken to ensure the survival of Halis' new inhabitants. Food rations were cut, luxuries forbidden, law enforcement stepped up. Disobedience or criminal activity was severely punished, and any dissidence quelled immediately. As a result, Halis survived, but the effects on its society were profound. Even following the end of the initial hardships, the rigid ruling structure which had dominated the Colony remained in place.

In many ways this both added to and detracted from Halis' future success. With a more orderly and obedient populace, even radical changes deemed necessary by the Colonial government could be introduced with little resistance. However, the lack of freedom limited expression, and this has led to a significant impact on the culture and social development of Halis. Due to the highly centralized nature of the Colony, the loss of contact with Earth hardly fazed it. The only challenging question for Halis to address is what their people's fate beyond the boundaries of their home planet might be.