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Game InfoEdit

The Barbarian unique land unit. Replaces the Chariot Archer.

  • Common abilities:
    • Unable to melee attack.


The Hand-Axe is an early Barbarian unit that is introduced in Brave New World. It upgrades to a Knight and has a ranged attack which is stronger than that of an Archer, but can only target adjacent units. Beware when Hand-Axes surround your Warriors - they can attack with impunity, tipping the balance in the usual early skirmishes.

If you play as the Germans, you can convert Hand-Axes to your side by capturing Barbarian encampments early on in the game. The same can be done with the reformation belief, Heathen Conversion.

Historical InfoEdit

The always-reliable axe has shaped human history as both a tool and a weapon. From the sharpened piece of flint tied with vine to a wooden stick, to the modern steel blade set in a machined handle, axes have been used in every age and every region of the world. Short-handled axes, such as the tomahawk, capable of being wielded one-handed, have been used in hunting and war by many primitive peoples; long-handled, broad-bladed axes, such as the Viking Dane axe or Japanese ono, were fearsome weapons in combat. Typically used in close combat, those such as the traditional battle axe deliver more cleaving power against a smaller target area, making it more effective than a sword against armor.

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