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Harald Hardrada (Harald Hardråde, c. 1015 - 25 September 1066), also known as Harald Sigurdsson or Harald III, was King of Norway from 1046 to 1066. He is known for his part in the Byzantine Varangian Guard and his invasion and attempted takeover of England against the forces of Harold Godwinson. Harald leads the Norwegians in Civilization VI.

In-Game Edit

Harald Hardrada's unique Agenda, Last Viking King, involves wanting to build a strong navy, respecting civilizations with a strong navy, and disliking civilizations with weak navies.

His leader ability is Thunderbolt of the North. It allows coastal raiding for all naval melee units. Also grants you the Longboat unique unit.

Lines Edit

Agenda-Based Approval: A strong navy...that's a beautiful sight.

(Mikill skipaafli... þat er fagur sjón.)

Agenda-Based Disapproval: Your seas are unprotected, friend. All too easy to raid.

(Sjór þinn er varnarlaus, vinr minn. Árás væri auðveldaverk.)

Declare War: Now comes a storm you cannot escape. You can only hope for a quick death.

(Til sigrs! Til halla Óðins!)

Attacked: This will make a great saga! The skalds will sing of my valor!

Defeated: So, I will join the einherjar in Valhalla and feast, while you toil away here.

(Ferk að sitja sáttr einherjum saman í Valhöllu, meðan þú herkir hér.)

Greeting: Harald Sigurdsson stands before you: a Viking unlike any the seas and lands have ever known. Hah, are you afraid?

(Harald Sigurðarsonr stendr fyrir þér: aldregi var víkingr slíkr lands né lagar. Hah, ertu hræddr?)

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