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The Harbor is a specialty district in Civilization VI focused on naval power and maritime trade. It requires Celestial Navigation and must be built on a Coastal tile adjacent to land.

  • Effects:
    • Receives Standard Bonus (+1 Civ6Gold Gold) per each adjacent Sea resource; receives Minor bonus (+0.5 Civ6Gold Gold) per each adjacent District
    • +1 Admiral6 Great Admiral point per turn
    • Adds 1 Trade route capacity
    • Allows its parent city to build ships, even if the City Center is inland
    • Newly built ships will spawn at the Harbor tile
    • Removes movement penalties for units Embarking to and from its tile
    • Allows its parent city to build Ships requiring Strategic Resources with only 1 count of the relevant resource
    • When the Seaport is built, the parent city may construct Fleets and Armadas.
    • Buildings grant an experience bonus to ships built in this city
    • Specialists add +2 Civ6Gold Gold and +1 Civ6Science Science each


The following buildings can be constructed in a Harbor:


Strategy Edit

Just like an Encampment is necessary to any player who intends to develop its land military, a Harbor is needed for developing maritime power. But the mechanics of Civilization VI go beyond that: thanks to the Harbor, even inland cities may now build ships! This gives the player greater freedom to choose a location close to, but not right on the coast, for founding cities, if it will give him access to more important features on the land.

Just as the Encampment improves production for Land units, the Harbor does it for Ships. Again, the Harbor allows players to build Ships requiring Strategic resources with only 1 count of the resource.

But the Harbor is more than just a sea-based Encampment. Its secondary function aids Trade - both increasing your Trade route capacity, and by yielding Civ6Gold Gold. Thus empires close to the coast will benefit of much better commerce than inland empires.

Historical ContextEdit

Safe haven, shelter from storms, place to rest and refit, harbor. As soon as men went sailing, the need for harbors became evident. Early civilizations sought out natural harbors, and history has been often defined by where these maritime settlements sat. In time, breakwaters, jetties, seawalls, lighthouses, and drydocks were added, and the seabed was dredged if necessary to keep the harbor open. The harbors were the centers of trade and naval war, the launch point for exploration and end point for immigration. As technology developed, "artificial" harbors could now be built to handle modern merchant ships – such as Long Beach Harbor, created from salt marshes and tidal flats – using concrete, steel, dredge barges, and pumping stations.

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