Heroic Epic
National Wonder introduced in Civilization IV
Heroic Epic

Only available in Renaissance and earlier starts.
Hammer 200 (Double production speed with Marble)
Requirements Literature with Barracks and a 4th level unit
Great People points 1 Great Artist


  • +100% military unit production in this city


The Heroic Epic doubles its city's production when creating military units. This is useful if you expect to do a lot of fighting. It also increases its city's chances of generating a Great Artist.

This wonder should be constructed in your most productive city. Place your Military Academy here, as well as any settled Great Generals so that the units produced here will have higher experience.

Civilopedia EntryEdit

The Epic of Gilgamesh documents the adventures of this Middle Eastern hero. Of special interest to biblical scholars, the document was found among the ruins of Nineveh. More than 3000 lines, scribed across 12 tablets, this tale was written around 2000 BC. Gilgamesh was a king of Uruk, which now lies within the borders of Iraq.