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Hills are one aspect of a tile's terrain. Hill tiles receive -1 Bread, +1 Hammer as well as defensive bonuses. When a land tile is not a hill (and also not a peak), it is flatland.



  • Hills have +1 visibility range, for units or civs with cultural control of the tile


  • Moving into a bare hill tile requires 2 movement points.
    • Moving into a forest or jungle hill tile requires 3 movement points.
  • Most units standing on hills gain +25% defense.
    • Cities founded on hill tiles retain this +25% hill defense bonus for units contained within.
  • Units with the Guerrilla promotions receive additional defense, movement, and/or attack on hill tiles.


Varieties of Hill TilesEdit

  • Grassland hill: 1 Bread, 1 Hammer
  • Plains hill: 2 Hammer
  • Tundra hill: 1 Hammer
  • Desert hill: 1 Hammer
  • Ice hill: 1 Hammer

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