Hong Kong is a city in Civilization II found on the original large world map. The city is usually either a British city or a Chinese city but sometimes a Japanese city during scenarios.


There has been a human presence in the area where Hong Kong would be built for tens of thousands of years.  In 214 BC, the Hong Kong area was brought under Chinese control for the first time. However they ended up losing control of this area to Sinotic peoples that were hostile to the Chinese very shortly later in 204 BC It would not be until 111 BC that the Chinese would regain the area. With the exception of British and Japanese rule the area has been a part of China ever since.

In the 1840's the British Civilization gained control of Hong Kong Island. From the 1840s until about 1898 the boundaries of Hong Kong expanded. The area remained under British rule until July of 1997 with the exception of a brief Japanese rule from December of 1941 to September of 1945 when the Japanese Empire was surrendered by the Japanese Civilization. In 2047 Hong Kong will be annexed into the surrounding province along with nearby Macao.

S.East China 1941 (Civ2)

In December 1941 the city is a British Empire city that's located in China.


The city begins the scenario under British control and is under attack by the Japanese. If the game player picks the British they can only keep the city for a longer time if they sign a temporary cease fire. Otherwise the Japanese will gain the city.