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The Hoplite is a type of Phalanx-based unit found in many Civilization games. In Call to Power II there are 3 types of Hoplites: Regular, Elite, and Phalanx. The term Elite in the later type has nothing to do with veteran status as both types of Hoplites can become veterans if they win battles. The term Elite just simply means that this unit is better trained so it will have slightly higher abilities. A Phalanx will look like a Hoplite but the difference is that they don't have a distance from city penalty because they are trained for long distance missions, whereas a Hoplite is meant as a homeland defense unit and not a long distance travel unit.

Hoplite (CTP2)

A Hoplite. All three types of Hoplite look like this but have different abilities.

Stats Regular Elite Phalanx
Attack 20 25 35
Defense 30 35 55
Ranged 0 0 0
Damage 1 2 1
Movement 2 4 4
Armor 1 1 2

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