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Hotu Mata
Hotu Matua (Civ5)

Part of Paradise Found
Titles Ariki Mau
Civilization Hiva (Civ5) Hiva
Date of birth 300-800 AD
Date of death 300-800 AD
Preferred victory Cultural Victory
Language Hawaiian
Voice actor/actress University of Hawaii scholar
BackArrowGreen Back to Paradise Found
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Hotu Matua is a playable leader in Paradise Found. He is simply a reused Kamehameha. Hotu Matua is the semi-mythical leader of the Hiva and lived somewhere between 300 AD and 800 AD if he did exist.

Unique AbilityEdit

Hotu Matua's Colonists - Receive free Settler when you discover Astronomy

Historical InfoEdit

Hotu Matua was the ariki mau of Rapa Nui (Easter Island). He led his people from Hiva to sail east from their homeland in a huge catamaran canoe. The land they discovered, they named "Te Pito O Te Kainga", literally "A little piece of land" - a very apt name when considering the island and its geographic context.

The navigator Hau Maka had a dream in which his spirit found a new land for his chief, Hotu. Hau Maka saw three islands, a great volcanic crater, and twenty-eight places on the island which were destined to be significant for Hotu and his people. When Hotu heard of the dream he ordered Hau Maka to find the land, taking a great canoe and sailing east. There Hau Maka found the land he had dreamed of.

But when Hotu Matua and his people sailed to Te Pito O Te Kainga, a deadly enemy sailed in secret with them - a man named Oroi, an enemy of Hotu who had killed some of his family in Hiva. Oroi was not discovered and when he arrived on the island, he killed the grandchildren of Hotu Matua and set a trap for Hotu Matua. Hotu Matua allowed himself to be caught in the trap, and as Oroi fell upon him with a bone dagger, Hotu Matua chanted a magic spell and slew Oroi. Then Hotu Matua and his children ate the corpse of Oroi.

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