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Housing6 Housing is a new concept in Civilization VI, which adds a slowing factor and eventually a limit on Citizen6 Population growth in each city. It is meant to emulate overcrowding in cities, and the limits it imposes. Housing6 Housing acts alongside the traditional Civ6Food Food growth factor in the following way:

Housing6 Housing minus Citizen6 Population Growth rate from Civ6Food Food
2 or more 100%
1 50%
0 to -4 25%
-5 or less 0%

Sources Edit

The most basic Housing6 Housing conditions depend on where your city (that is, the City Center) is placed.

The simplest source of Housing6 Housing is a water source. Fresh water (River, Lake, Oasis) provides 5 Housing6 Housing. Coast provides 3 Housing6 Housing if you don't have fresh water. Every other placement gives only 2 Housing6 Housing, meaning that your Citizen6 Population growth will be slowed since the very beginning. Aqueducts will add 2 Housing6 Housing for cities that have fresh water, otherwise they will set the water Housing6 Housing value to 6.

Buildings Edit

Many buildings grant Housing6 Housing. After researching Pottery, every city is able to build a Granary, which adds 2 Housing6 Housing, and later they can build Sewers, which also adds 2 Housing6 Housing. Buildings in other districts sometimes add Housing6 Housing, such as the Barracks in the Encampment district, the University in the Campus, and the Lighthouse in the Harbor. With religious beliefs such as Religious Community and Pagoda, certain buildings that can be built in the Holy Site add Housing6 Housing. The Palace building in your Capital6 Capital city also adds 1 Housing6 Housing.

Improvements Edit

Each Farm, Pasture, Plantation, or Camp supports a small amount of Citizen6 Population — 1 Housing6 Housing for every 2 such improvements. Supporting rural Citizen6 Population in this fashion will allow for slightly larger Citizen6 Populations prior to the Industrial Era, when the Neighborhood district becomes available.

Policies Edit

The final major source of Housing6 Housing is Policy Cards. The following Policy Cards, when activated, will increase Housing6 Housing by:

Policy Card Function First available
Insulae 1 Housing6 Housing in cities with 2 or more districts Classical Era
Medina Quarter 2 Housing6 Housing in cities with 3 or more districts Medieval Era
New Deal 4 Housing6 Housing, 2 Amenities6 Amenities, -8 Civ6Gold Gold in cities with 3 or more districts Modern Era
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