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Howitzer is a strong attack unit available late in several Civ games.

Civilization II

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The main article has not been created for (or Howitzer is not part of) C-evo

The program may call one of your units (or someone else's) a howitzer if it has a speed of 2.5 and several weapons modules.

Other games

Howitzer is not present in (or the article has not been created for) the following games :

Game Article
Civilization VI Howitzer (Civ6)
Civilization Revolution Howitzer (CivRev)
Civilization Revolution 2 Howitzer (CivRev2)
Freeciv Howitzer (Freeciv)
Civilization: Call to Power Howitzer (CTP1)
Call to Power II Howitzer (CTP2)
FreeCol Howitzer (FreeCol)
Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri‎ Howitzer (SMAC)

Not in the following games

It has been confirmed that Howitzer is not present in the following games :

Civilization III
Civilization IV
Civilization V
Civilization: Beyond Earth
Civilization IV: Colonization

Future Technology (CivRev)
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Unlike its late introduction in the game, historically Howitzers were a fairly early development: "In the middle of the eighteenth century, a number of European armies began to introduce howitzers that were mobile enough to accompany armies in the field. Though usually fired at the relatively high angles of fire used by contemporary siege howitzers, these field howitzers were rarely defined by this capability. Rather, as the field guns of the day were usually restricted to inert projectiles (which relied entirely upon momentum to achieve their destructive effects), the field howitzers of the eighteenth century were chiefly valued for their ability to fire explosive shells. Thus, there were many cases where, for the sake of simplicity and rapidity of fire, dispensed with adjustable propellant charges."