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Ice (Civ5)

Terrain feature
Food 0 20xFood5
Production 0 20xProduction5
Gold 0 20xGold5
Culture 0 20xCulture5
Faith 0 20xfaith5
Combat modifier 0%
Movement cost Impassable
Possible resources found None
BackArrowGreen Back to the list of terrains

Game InfoEdit

Terrain feature found on coast and ocean tiles in the extreme north/south regions of the world.

  • Base yield - none.


Ice is found in water tiles at the northernmost and southernmost edges of maps. It cannot be worked and prevents the passage of all naval units except Submarines and Nuclear Submarines.

If you found a coastal city near the poles, make sure that none of the surrounding ice restricts your access to nearby naval resources. Also, keep in mind that if a water tile your city is built next to is completely surrounded by ice, you shouldn't build any naval vessels there, since they will never be able to reach the open seas.

Note that ice is treated like a special kind of water tile, so cities built next to ice count as coastal for the purposes of building improvements like Harbors and Lighthouses.

Historical InfoEdit

Ice is impassable, except to air and submarine units. It provides nothing to cities.

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