Industrial Nanorobotics (SMAC)

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Industrial Nanorobotics
Industrial Nanorobotics (SMAC)
Tech stats
Short quote Miniature robotic factories
Rank Build 9
Requisites Nanominiaturization
Industrial Automation
Leads to Frictionless Surfaces
Digital Sentience
Base Facilities Robotic Assembly Plant
The Nano Factory
Secret Projects None
Unit Advances None

BackArrowGreen Back to the technology tree

Already we have turned all of our critical industries, all of our material resources, over to these... things... these lumps of silver and paste we call nanorobots. And now we propose to teach them intelligence? What, pray tell, will we do when these little homunculi awaken one day and announce that they have no further need for us?

-- Sister Miriam Godwinson ,"We must Dissent"

Miscellaneous effects

Increases Energy output through Commerce.

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