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Game InfoEdit

Religious unit. Can only be purchased with 20xfaith5 Faith in any city with a majority religion that has been Enhanced.

  • Common traits:
    • Extra Sight I
  • Abilities:
    • Protects from other religious units' "Spread Religion" ability
    • May Remove Heresy (This expends the unit.)


Inquisitors are your defense from other religions. They have two uses:

  • They can be placed inside a city to protect it from Missionaries and Prophets trying to Spread other religions into that city. This works by severely diminishing the power of the Spread Religion action of these units, effectively preventing a more serious conversion. This is a passive ability - the inquisitor needs only be present inside the city targeted by the 'enemy'.
  • They can remove other religions from cities (expending the Inquisitor). This will leave only the followers of your religion in the city, if there were some before the act, and may cause a few other citizens to convert as well. Note that the Remove Heresy action may only be used on cities you control (either directly, or by Puppets)!

Note that an Inquisitor doesn't stop normal religious pressure from cities and other sources from converting your citizens.

A useful tactic for Inquisitors is to allow a player to permanently remove a competing religion from the game. This can only be done after capturing the Holy City for the religion. Once it is captured, move the Inquisitor to the city and remove the religion. This will permanently destroy this religion and allow you to replace the religion in other cities without having to worry about the constant pressure from the Holy City.

Civilopedia entry Edit

Inquisitors were widely utilized throughout Europe as part of a broad effort to eliminate enemies of the Catholic Church. Those branded as heretics by the Inquisition were oftentimes tortured and executed for their alleged crimes, and there was typically little room for defense against the inquisitor's accusations.