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The Inquisitor is a religious unit in Civilization VI.

Game Info Edit

Inquisitors start with 2 charges of "remove heresy" (3 as Philip II). Using one charge in a City Center tile removes all religions except your own from that city. (You cannot use the ability from a tile adjacent to the city, unlike spreading religion.)

They can also engage in Theological Combat. Inquisitors receive +50% ReligiousStrength6 Religious Strength bonus if battling in friendly territory.

Inquisitors can be purchased with Civ6 24x faith Faith once an Apostle has launch an Inquisition. The cost of purchasing Inquisitors increases per unit built.

Historical Context Edit

Every faith has its inquisitors, those charged by the church to find the non-believers, back-sliders, and evil influences among the flock. But it is in Europe that the role reached its apex, as the Catholic Church during the Medieval and the Renaissance periods strove to insure the Jews, Moslems, and Protestants (not to mention scientists, artists, and philosophers) didn’t corrupt the faithful. The Catholic inquisitors were on the front lines in this struggle, as they banned and burned books, and disposed of heretics, all in the name of the Lord. In some cases, with the support of the secular government, as in Isabella’s Spain or the Holy Roman Empire, all made legal by the papal bull 'Ad extirpanda' in 1252 AD. Despite some excesses it can be said that inquisitors did keep the faith – whichever faith it may be.

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