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InvisionFree has a forum about the Civ series and related matters. Called "Civilization Lost". Started in 2006 by a Michigan resident born in 1990 calling himself or herself "RoboticSithDrone". Contributors stopped contributing in 2006.

Registering allows one to see a list of "Latest Discussions":

Space race
Robin Patterson @ 08-27-10 20:37
Read: 2   Comments: 0
Hello there
VariousPositions @ 06-29-06 12:05
Read: 42   Comments: 3
Smell that WWII
Matt Kavar @ 06-26-06 21:23
Read: 107   Comments: 2
Matt Kavar @ 06-26-06 21:19
Read: 45   Comments: 1
Guess who
Matt Kavar @ 06-24-06 21:49
Read: 48   Comments: 4
member number 3...
Matt Kavar @ 06-24-06 21:43 

Most of them are invisible because of an "age" limit.

Handy "template" for articles about modding.

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