Iron Working (Civ1)

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Iron Working allows the building of legions, a cheap offensive unit.

It is a prerequisite of bridge building and gunpowder.

Iron Working discovery (Civ1)

Discovering technology on the PC.

Civilization (original) Advance
Iron Working (Civ1)
Prerequisite advances:
Bronze Working
Iron Working (Civ1)
Needed for further advances:
Bridge Building, Gunpowder


Building on the experience of their Bronze Working, ancient smelters learned Iron Working, the manufacture and fabrication of a much more useful metal. Iron ore was extremely common compared to copper and tin, and Iron was harder, less brittle, and could hold a much sharper edge. It was an ideal material for tools and weapons. Some observers consider the development of Iron Working to have been a key step in the advance of civilization. It made workers much more efficient and was found useful in many new applications.

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