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Ironworks (Civ5)

National wonder in Civilization V

20xProduction5 125 (increases with number of cities)


Required Buildings Workshop or Longhouse
Technology Machinery

+8 20xProduction5 Production

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Game InfoEdit

Industrial national wonder. Requires a Workshop in all cities.

  • + 8 20xProduction5 Production.
  • BNW-only+1 20xHappiness5 Happiness with Universal Healthcare tenet (any Ideology)


The Ironworks wonder may help boost one city's 20xProduction5 Production considerably. Use it to either make a city a production giant, or overcome a production shortage in another city.

Historical InfoEdit

An ironworks is a facility where iron ore is purified and fashioned into iron or steel. The process begins with exposing the raw material to extremely high heat, and after possibly mixing in other materials, results in some form of purified iron or steel. Iron smelting dates back at least to 1200 BC, and perhaps earlier. Not surprisingly, ironworks are dangerous places, and they require tough, highly skilled and courageous workers.

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