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Tokugawa, Japan's Representative

From Start Knowledge of Ceremonial Burial
Ancient Age +1 food from sea regions
Medieval Age +1 Attack for Samurai Knight
Industrial Age Cities not affected by Anarchy
Modern Age New defensive units receive the Special Ability: Loyalty
Unique Units Samurai Knight, Ashigaru Pikeman, Val Bomber, & Zero Fighter

The Japanese people represent a civilization in Civilization Revolution.


  • Leader: Tokugawa Ieyasu
  • Capital: Kyoto
  • Color: Red (Similar to the English with a Dark Red)
  • Emblem: Imperial Sun of Japan

Era BonusesEdit

The Japanese begin the game with knowledge of Ceremonial Burial.

Ancient: +1 food from sea regions

Medieval: Samurai +1 Attack

Industrial: Cities not affected by Anarchy

Modern: New defense units receive Loyalty


Japan is strongest when used for a Scientific Victory.

Because they begin the game with +1 Food from sea, they can begin researching immediately and stay researching longer. Japanese cities grow larger than normal, and founding many will allow you to become powerful and gain technology from population.

Civilopedia EntryEdit

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