John Paul Jones (Civ4Col)

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John Paul Jones
John Paul Jones (Civ4Col)
Type Military
Political Points:
1950 Pilgrim
2925 Pioneer
3250 Explorer
3575 Conquistador
3725 Governor
3900 Patriot
4050 Revolutionary
Military Points:
780 Pilgrim
1170 Pioneer
1300 Explorer
1430 Conquistador
1490 Governor
1560 Patriot
1620 Revolutionary

Provides 1 Frigate.

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Lived: 1747-1792

John Paul Jones was a Scottish sailor who fought on the side of the colonies during the American Revolution. Jones began his career working on slave ships, but found the business not to his taste. He was able to secure himself a high ranking position on a West Indian trading ship, but his reputation was permanently tarnished when he flogged to death one of his own crewmembers. He fled to America, where he became the first Lieutenant of the United States Navy. His valorous efforts during the war, including the capture of the HMS Drake and victory over the HMS Serapis made him a figure of much renown in the United States. With the completion of the war, Jones traveled to Russia, leading Russian naval engagements against the Ottoman Empire before being recalled due to political intrigues. Jones died in Paris, having been knighted by the King of France for his fearless leadership during the American Revolution.