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John Richards (Civ4)
John Richards

A leader in Civilization IV

Civilization The Forge
Introduced Final Frontier
Fav. civic Industrial Economy
  • The Forge
    • Mining Facility provides +2 Hammer instead of +1
    • All Star Systems produce -1 Bread
    • Double Production Speed of Mining Facility

John Richards is a native inhabitant of the Forge, and worked most of his life in the mining facilities which dominate the planet. As a laborer, he saw the constant exploitation of the Forge by the PDE in order to further its aims. Slowly working his way through the ranks, Richards rose into a management position within the facility, and then advanced still further, becoming the Overseer of complete Colony operations. Known to be stubborn and unyielding on many issues, he believes that the virtue of hard work will unlock any door. He respects the strength of others and has little patience for those he sees as weak. With the loss of contact with the Earth he has prepared himself and his Colony to cut loose the PDE and eliminate its influence wherever it might be found.