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John Smith
John Smith (Civ4Col)
Type Exploration
Political Points:
546 Pilgrim
819 Pioneer
910 Explorer
1001 Conquistador
1043 Governor
1092 Patriot
1134 Revolutionary
Exploration Points:
1326 Pilgrim
1988 Pioneer
2210 Explorer
2431 Conquistador
2533 Governor
2652 Patriot
2754 Revolutionary

Native lands cost 50% less to purchase.

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Lived: 1580-1631

The Jamestown colony was on the border of starvation. Disease had ravaged the nascent colony, cutting its working populace to dangerous levels. So colonist and captain John Smith made a daring move: he headed into the Virginia wilderness to establish relations and trade with the natives. While at first successful, Smith was eventually captured, living among the natives and building a trust between the colonists and the local leader, Powhatan. Yet his bold efforts for the good of the settlement won him a permanent seat at the table of colonial heroes.

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