Juan de Bermudez (Civ4Col)

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Juan de Bermudez
Juan de Bermudez (Civ4Col)
Type Exploration
Political Points:
429 Pilgrim
643 Pioneer
715 Explorer
786 Conquistador
819 Governor
858 Patriot
891 Revolutionary
Exploration Points:
975 Pilgrim
1462 Pioneer
1625 Explorer
1787 Conquistador
1862 Governor
1950 Patriot
2025 Revolutionary

+1 movement for Caravels, Merchantmen, and Galleons.

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Lived: ??? -1570

Juan de Bermudez was a Spanish captain, explorer, and discoverer of Bermuda. As a crewman on the Pinta, Bermudez saw first hand the island to be named San Salvador, later Hispanola and met Arawaks and Tainos. So beguiled was Bermudez with this new land that he returned on Columbus' third voyage and remained in Columbus' colony of Hispanola to aid in calming the uprisings created by his captain's poor managerial skills. Wanderlust again striking the explorer, Bermudez joined Ponce de Leon on his famous journey to the North American mainland. Yet what Bermudez will be most remembered for will be lending his name to a small group of islands off the coast of North America - Bermuda.